The Lead is one of the oldest metals, it was used in the ancient times for production of clay pots and for many other purposes. Today, it became very important for many industries, particularly petroleum, chemical industries and nuclear energy. It is mainly used for production of all types of batteries, and also production of paints, pigments , computer processors. Lead is a heavy and non-radioactive metal, which makes it ideal for protection against nuclear radioactivity.

In the mid-eighties of the last century, the National Industrialization Company (TASNEE), in association with one of the leading national companies, and other partners, developed the idea of forming the National Lead Smelting Company Ltd., (RASASS).

Upon completion of the technical and economic feasibility studies, a foreign partner also joined the project. The facility was built in the Second Industrial area of Riyadh on an area exceeding 28,000 square meters and commenced the commercial production in 1995.

RASASS produces high quality lead by recycling of spent batteries, and by applying the latest technology for protection of environment. RASASS is the main supplier of lead to the batteries factories in the Kingdom.