The Modern Resurgence of the Arabian Peninsula is associated with the Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which started more than hundred years ago, when it was established by reuniting the different Saudi tribes. It is further boosted by the discovery of oil wealth, which triggered an overall comprehensive development of social, educational, cultural, economic, agricultural and architectural fronts, supported by security and political stability in the Kingdom.

In this promising environment, a huge industrial base was established during the days of oil discovery, including oil downstream, manufacturing and consumer products industries. The Government played the fundamental role by supporting the emerging industrial capabilities of the society, by way of participating as partners in these industries, and providing valuable support to the private sector by encouraging and promoting the establishment of private companies and taking part in the development of the industrial sector. The National Industrialization Company (TASNEE) is one of the leading companies, which contributed in the establishment and development of a number of industrial undertakings in the Kingdom.